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Other Penang delights

Posted by Buu on January 23, 2007

Kinda lazy to write a long post so I’ll leave you with a collection of the usual stuff to eat in penang when you’re there :).

There was a Thai food festival going on at One Stop Midlands shopping center. My brother and I decided to try their Thai noodles which was really good.

That bowl just costs RM 4.00. Pretty good eh?


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Tom Yam therapy

Posted by Buu on December 10, 2006

I had a case of flu a few weeks back that prompted me to try out some asian culinary cure. Tom Yam! This bad boy clears up blocked noses good at the price of a wee bit of sore throat. This tom yam was a bit different from the rest I have tried before namely this was mixed with santan milk to make it creamy rather than clear tasting soup.

The other ingredients were pretty standard with the mixed seafood and meat, mint leaves etc. It wasnt painfully spicy but just nice with the smooth taste of creamy soup.

Say aaaaaaa….

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