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Tavern Co, Queen Square

Posted by Bee on October 22, 2006

My housemate cum ex-roommate, Jv wanted to treat me and ky a nice meal on a Monday night to celebrate her success on finding a job placement. We had been wandering around the liverpool city centre for nearly an hour, still we cant decide which restaurant to dine in, alas we chose a mexican restaurent called Tavern Co simply because it offers a free champagne if we ordered two main meals.

Tavern Co, situated at the liverpool city centre is a 2 in 1 wine bar and mexican restaurant. The cosy environment such as open fires, solid wood tables, dimly lit candles all adds on to the chill-out feeling and atmosphere of the restaurant.However, the restaurant takes up most of the space in the Tavern, making the bar area quite small.

Free wine was unbearable, we get to choose between red wine and white wine, the white wine choosen by us has a very weird name-turtle creek, I tried a few sip and it tasted bitter to me, but i guess i’m just not used to alcohols.
8 9
See how red our face are after the drinking.

To be truth, the first time mexican crusine experience was quite a dissapointment. Apart from the starter, the main dishes were simply too dry and hard to swallow. The starters is the best of all-salmon fishcakes, it was crispy outside and tender inside, and the thick spicy salmon paste served together with thai chilli sauce tasted just right.

It tooks a while for our main dishes to come, the description in the menu might sound quite bombastic and appertizing, however, the long wait was not quite worthwhile. Attracted by the tempting title ‘ inspired by New Orlean favourite son’s Paul Prudhomme, comes our version of…..’, i had choosen the Cajun Blackened Chicken. The dish was consist of breast chicken marinated in seasoning and fresh herbs, served with cajun sauce, texas fries, coleslaw and corn on the cob. At first i thought it will be quite spicy, cuz underneath the desciption it says ‘if you are a chicken, ask for spiceless’, however it turned out to be the biggest lie of the year. It tasted salty and dry, but nothing close to spicy.
7 6
Cajun Chicken Cajun salmon
Jv’s choice of Cajun salmon was much better than mine. At least it was not as dry as the chicken breast meat. Ky’s Enchiladas was nothing better, the sophisticated named dish was consists of slices of chicken breast coated in spicy hot salsa, being wrapped, deep fried and served with vermouth sauce. It came together with mushroom rice, baked bean and salad. First of all, the side dishes was horrible, the baked bean tasted funny and the mushroom has a very thick unbearable mushroom taste. Again, the chicken was too dry and cheesy. And it was certainly not spicy at all. It makes me wonders what is the Mexican’s defination of spicy.

Well, Mexican food is certainly not my cup of tea, i guess that will be the first and the last time i ate a mexican meal.


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