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Food for friends

Posted by Bee on October 20, 2006

My collegues from Marks and Spencer, Paul and Alex came over to my house for a dinner on a Saturday night a few weeks ago. Paul is a hell food lover, he works part time in a restaurant and cooks whenever he got chance. He likes to experiment on different kind of food which include chinese cruisine as well. (^.^) Poor Alex have to be his guinee pig all the time. Well, when Alex first told me that his fried rice (or ‘chao fan’) was horrible, i suggested to him that maybe both of them would like to come over for dinner. He is so eager that it started to makes me sweat, why on earth that i ever thinking of suggesting that? my cooking skill is still blunt, and if they dont like the food because of my poor cutlery skill, it will be a blasphemy to our chinese nation!!!

Hence, i went to Lidl and bought a big bag of chips. In case they dont like the chinese food then they still have the second option. I cooked 2 main dishes and fried rice. The first one is Blackbean sauce chicken with pepper. First, the chicken was marinated overnight with black bean sauce, next it was half fried with the mince garlic and then ovened it for 30 minutes. The leftovers of the sauce was used to fry the pepper and was poured over the cooked chicken later.


The second dish is the simple stir and fry vegetable. Firstly fry the mince garlic with anchovies (ikan bilis) then leave it aside. Stir fry the carrot and caulis and when it soften, the brocollis were added. The fried garlic and anchovies were mixed together with the vege and dada! done.


I didnt fry the traditional complicated ‘yong zhao chao fan’ (the one with lap cheong and peas) or the ‘ji dan chao fan’ (a.k.a egg fried rice). To suit the English people taste, the ingrediants i used were sausage, onions and mixed vege (carrots, peas and weet corn). But the most important tips is to use overnight cooked rice and make sure the rice is not too moist and soggy. Paul was so enthusiastic about the fried rice that he was eager to help me to fry the second batch of the rice. very skillful indeed.

Photo-3 Photo-4

Well, both of the them enjoyed the meal, (phew, thank God) Paul like the chicken and he has a fun time playing with the chopsticks. Alex loves the anchoves and it surprise me that they never ate or saw anchovies before. In the end it was these little fish that caught her interest the most. hehehe…


The next day, they were boosting my cooking skill all over marks and spencer, and everyone came and asked me about it, including my supervisor. Shucks, now i’m dead, i didnt even thought of inviting her at all. Never mind, there will always be a next time.


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Curry mee

Posted by Bee on September 26, 2006

It was a fine Tuesday morning when i suddenly felt like wanted to polish my cooking creativity by experimenting on a new dish- curry mee. To be truth, this is not a good try as i dont have all the ingrediants that i needed, for example, the coconut milk, dried tofu, prawn shell and nice spices to enhance the curry flavour. Well, it was quite difficult to get hold of all these ingrediants in UK, hence i have to compromise and try to do my best with the raw material that i have.     

First fry the onion and garlic together until the aroma came out, then add the boiled water, the chicken bones (better if there are prawn shells) , finger chillies (cili padi in malay) , chilli oil (the red color oil and paste),  and malaysia favourite ALI BABAS curry powder. Boil the soup under small fire for 1 hour. Add all the vegetables into the soup (carrots, tomatoes etc) and lastly add some nice hotdogs as well.      


Due to the fact that i dont have the yellow noodles which usually the hawkers made the curry mee with, hence i have to tolerate with the wantan noodles. Boil the noodles until it doesnt taste starchy, add some sesame oil and salt and mixed them together with the curry soup.
the curry mee  EMPTY BOWL

This is the before and after.

well, not bad for the first try, it do tasted a bit hot towards the end. Its too watery and lacks of the creamy flavour of coconut milk, but its a nice lunch and i will do better next time. 

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Lazy Man Noodles

Posted by Buu on September 3, 2006

On nights without anything planned for dinner I cook one of the most simplest things without the fuss or muss. Without further ado, let’s see how to make lazy man noodles.


1 packet of instant noodles

2-3 sausages (beef or chicken or pork, whatever your taste)

1-2 spoons of  dried chili shrimp for spiciness

1 microwaveable bowl/container

1 egg

1 cup to microwave the egg

A microwave oven

Time to Prepare – between 5-8 minutes

First, empty the contents of instant noodles (put the flavoring sachet aside first) into the bowl and fill it with water until the noodles are submerged in it.  Put it into the microwave and nuke it for 3 minutes.

While the noodles are cooking, take the sausages and cut them into cocktail pieces like so:

Once the noodles are done, drain the water and fill a little bit of water into the container to keep the noodles damp. Without it the noodles will dry up fast. Dump the sausages into the container of noodles and leave it for awhile.

Crack the egg and put it into the cup. It is very important to beat the egg till it looks completely yellow. I have tried microwaving eggs before and this is the only way that it can be done without exploding the egg. Put it into the microwave and cook it for 1 to 1 and a half minutes. It will look like this:

While that is cooking, take the instant noodle’s flavoring sachet and dash 2-4 times onto the noodles and toss the noodles to seep the flavor in. Once the egg is done, put it together with the noodles and sausages and heat it all together again for 20 seconds int the microwave (you do like your food hot don’t you? :)).

After reheating , scoop 2-3 spoons of dried chili shrimp onto the noodles for spiciness. The end result looks like this:

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