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Tex Mex Cuisine

Posted by Bee on September 25, 2009

Peter latest experiments

Not so successful tortilla casserole. We bought chunky beef rather than minced beef which was a big mistake, its rather chewy but the taste was alright

Paella, the spanish rice dish. yum yummmmmmmmmm… with seasoned chicken breast cubes and prawns, very flavorful but a bit moist though

Since we love Paella so much, this is second version of Paella, with Chorizo Sausages, this time we put less water which turns out to be perfect. Its definitely a more convenient and tastier version of fried rice.

I think we will hook on this for quite some time.
A few weeks ago, Peter and I went to Frontera, a Mexican Restaurant at Jaya One for a dinner with his bunch of friends. The restaurant serves various kind of Nachos and Tex mex cuisine and its a cheaper version of Chilies restaurant. As usual, am trying to capture the ambiance and the food presentation using my lousy phone camera, which of course had failed miserably. Therefore, i have grabbed some nicer photos on the restaurant deco from


Famous super spicy buffalo wings. it was alright, not as spicy as what i thought it was.

The main course, Devon’s Beef/chicken Enchiladas, some sort of mexican style beef/chicken wrap i guess. Cheese Burger topped with Chilli Con Carne (Peter’s and Mine) with fries and coleslaw as sides. The cheese burger comes with big juicy beef patty, huge and great cheese. Its so huge that its enough for two person.

Hien’s Chicken burger, again the portion is quite big. Han li’s desert, forgot what is the name. Some sort of caramelized soft pudding.

Anyway, the bill come out to be RM20 per person which is quite affordable for a Tex mex meal.


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