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Tortilla Frenzy

Posted by Bee on August 14, 2009

Just a quick one here. Peter’s best cooking so far- luxurious home made tortilla chips with Roasted chicken fillet, gracious dressing of olive oil with black olive, tomatoes, lettuce, plus lots of cheddar, mozzarella cheese and mayonese.
I never knew that making tortilla chips is so easy, you just need to get the ready made tortilla wrap from any supermarket. It will cost you something like 5 pieces for RM5.50. Then cut it to triangular pieces, add the chicken fillet and the cheese on, and let the toaster oven do the job for you. When its cooked, just add on whatever toppings you want. As easy as that!

I dont have the photo of the exact tortilla wrap package we bought from Giant Supermarket, but it looks something like this

Anyway, i planned to make tortilla casserole this weekend, it will be my show this time. Tortilla casserole is something like mexican lagsana, whereby you supposed to layer the tortilla piece, with chicken mixture and cheese altenately until it reach 5-6 layers, followed by baking of course
I love the exquisite taste of Olives by the way, the slight bitter after taste was kinda addicting. There is no doubt that i’m gonna sprinkle alot of olives on top of it.
Anyway, need to start to browse for recipe online now. Ciao!

Ps: Found the photo below from the net, i’m salivating now!


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