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Dinner at Delicious

Posted by Bee on June 26, 2009

Went to Delicious restaurant (along Jalan Tunku Abdul Razak) for my birthday dinner last night, loves the ambiance there, the internal deco was really unique, as there were white branches extending from the pillars and lots of lights inside bird cages hanging on the wall.

Random photos taken while waiting for our food to arrive.

I’ve ordered a butterscotch shake (RM9.90) and quiche Lorianne (RM18.90), a french cuisine based on custard made from eggs and milk in pastry crust. The ingredients inside includes smokey beef bacon, onion slices and cheese, yummy. The butterscotch shake was superb, at first i thought it was a mix of liquor and milk, but it tasted like caramel and toffee.

Peter ordered a spicy zucchini pasta with feta cheese and pie nuts (RM19,90), it was very fresh and light. He enjoyed it very much as well.

Next, its the Bananna Puding (RM10.90) which comes together with Butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream. Its was simply irresistable, the moist bananna puding with sweet butterscotch taste and icy vanilla ice cream was a great blend of mixture!

After the dinner, we went for a walk at the Delicious Ingredients Store downstairs, they sell lots of imported goods such as champagne, smoked meat, spices, sweets and chocolates etc. You can even find the sponge fingers for tiramisu here (which is really really hard to find in KL) and some weird flavors for Pringles chips, such as Ranch, Spicy Guacamole etc.

Infront of Delicious Ingredients, The Pringles, smoked meat

Sweets and chocolates, bottles of Champagne, bread

There are some great recipe from delicious website, wished that i have an oven.


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