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Claypot Briyani

Posted by Buu on January 13, 2009

Back in November 2008, a couple of friends and I went up to the island of Penang. The land of where supposedly Char Kuay Teow and Roti Babi was born among other things. Although for the latter I did find a better tasting one closer  to my aunt’s house, that is not my focus of today. My focus for today is…..*drum roll*

Claypot Briyani upclose

!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***CLAYPOT BRIYANI***~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

Who would’ve thought that George Town, Penang still held some secret delicious tasting dishes when we came across this corner shophouse. Other than what you see in this picture, this neatly served dish comes with a side order of chicken curry as eating the rice by itself is dry and a small tray of yogurt like condiment which helps if you find the food too spicy and believe me it is spicy. This dish costs RM 7.00 which is pretty cheap to me given the quality of the taste.

Here’s a shot of the cook cooking the chicken (as I wrote this, I am craving for it)
Fried chicken

And another the dish from another angle, accompanied by a fresh glass of mango juice

Side view

Now where to find this place? I did not take a picture of the shoplot itself, stupid me, but here’s a map and no that is not the flag of Japan. It’s the marker for where the place is. The shop has a giant banner advertising the dish so you wont miss it.


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