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Anzen Organic Shop/Restaurant

Posted by Buu on October 28, 2008

KL has seen a slight increase in healthy eateries and supply stores. With the news of contaminated goods going on for the past few weeks, these places provide an alternative source of healthy goods. Anzen is one of them and it lies in SS2.


On top of being an organic store, it is a vegetarian (Buddhist kind) store. This is different from the usual affair. I won’t go into specifics but organic food does not mean vegetarian but actually growing vegetables and rearing animals for consumption in the most natural way possible.

Mushroom fried rice Close up

This was what I ate, Mushroom Vegetarian Fried Rice. Very healthy as you can see the unabashed amount of salad garnish. I didn’t mind the salad but my gripe with this dish is that its tasteless. I know vegetarian or organic food can have more flavour but this establishment missed the point. Price wise is alright. The average price for a dish is RM 8.50. Bottom line is, I won’t be going back to this shop to eat.


One Response to “Anzen Organic Shop/Restaurant”

  1. Where exactly in SS2 is this Anzen shop. I tried to find it a couple of months ago, but could not find it.

    Thank you in advance

    Adam Testad

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