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Alexis Ampang on Merdeka Eve

Posted by Buu on September 9, 2008

Live performance calendar

Hello, back again from the dead due to a lost of interest in blogging for a lonnnnng time. Recently a bunch of us guys including Bee went to Alexis Ampang for a cozy night of live jazz music and some food. Arriving at 9.10pm we approached the lounge that had a black curtain for an entrance. Manning the entrance was a lady that collected the cover charge of RM 25 per person. Soon we were shown to our table in a corner which was separated us from the main room by a foldable door.

Wirra Wirra 2006 Merlot English Breakfast tea

The atmosphere was good that night with dark tones highlighted by candlelight and jazzy music (not the live one yet). The crowd were in a chatty mood. We ordered our food and drinks and waited patiently. The first thing to come was a bottle of wine. A 2006 Wirra Wirra Merlot from Australia. My previous experiences with red wine lead me to believe that Merlot was a subtle tasting wine but this one was extremely sharp in taste. The smell was alright and the color was hard to gauge because the candlelight made almost everything in sepia-tone. Bee being alcohol intolerant ordered English Breakfast tea that was very good (pinkie finger up kind of good when sipping) when mixed with milk. The white and brown cubes is sugar.

Squid with cherry tomatoes and rocket salad
Next came the food. We ordered a barrage of food in order to sample bits and pieces. First up was the refreshing squid with cherry tomatoes and rocket salad dressed in simple olive oil, salt and pepper.

Starter platter
Next was the starter platter which had Roti Nan like wedges, salad leaves, a few slices of french bread and delicious fried spring rolls. They were accompanied by a trifecta of condiments which I can only identify one to be honey mustard.

Pepperoni pizza Shrimp, cherry tomatoes and rocket pizza

Being pizza lovers, we ordered 3 kinds in total which we forgot to take a photo off the third one. Yes I do recognize the poor quality of both of the photos but I digress. We had pepperoni (generally we all felt this was the best), shrimp with cherry tomato and rocket pizza and Al-Fungi. Al-Fungi is a mushroom (fungi) and cheese heavy pizza which we all feel came in second. We also ordered a spring chicken roasted with herbs for good measure. The picture is too blur to warrant a posting.

Victoria Newton
Victoria Newton (find better looking pictures of her at the link but the effect in this one made Bee contented) was the entertainment for the night of International Jazz. She is a lovely performer with full of energy that did not seem to let up for the night. Backed up by Michael Verapan and his 4 piece band they entertained us guests for more than 2 hours with different sorts of Jazz; from Brazilian to American to Spanish and back again. Among us we think Mike on the guitar was the best soloist :D.

It was a lovely night to remember with good food and company.


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