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Lam Mee @ Little Penang Kafe

Posted by Buu on January 28, 2007

Located at the fourth level of KLCC shopping mall, this franchise banks in on commercialising famous penang hawker food. Like all franchises , some succeed and some don’t. This one in my opinion …. is mediocre. The problem lies in the commercial value of the dishes served. Hawker food focuses more on taste and speedy delivery while franchised hawker food like this focus more on presentation at the cost of taste.

I ordered Lam mee. Presentation wise it was ok but it was tasteless. There were alot of ingredients in it but nothing gave it a taste.

I’m not too keen on the design of the glasses either. It looks like a 500ml mineral water bottle cut in half -_- .

So to recap…. I don’t think I’ll be dining here again.


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Kim Dan noodles @ Restaurant Sky

Posted by Buu on January 28, 2007

I like to order food which sounds weird. Sometimes it turns out to a pleasant surprise and other times its bad like the time I ordered a cogniac chicken at The Ship which I found to be horrible in taste. Kim Dan noodles reminded me of Kon Low noodles but the only difference was in the type of noodles used.

The noodles will remind you of instant noodles but these are thicker. Kim Dan noodles are served with fungus type of mushroom, minced pork and fried onions. Fortunately, I was lucky that this tasted nice.

Restaurant Sky,along Jalan Genting Klang , opposite of KFC

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Other Penang delights

Posted by Buu on January 23, 2007

Kinda lazy to write a long post so I’ll leave you with a collection of the usual stuff to eat in penang when you’re there :).

There was a Thai food festival going on at One Stop Midlands shopping center. My brother and I decided to try their Thai noodles which was really good.

That bowl just costs RM 4.00. Pretty good eh?

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If Jimmy Choo didnt sell shoes….

Posted by Buu on January 15, 2007

Last christmas I was in Penang and was not dissapointed at all in terms of food variety. My aunt’s house is near a large hawker area so food access was easy. We went to a kopitiam called Polycafe. It was there that I spotted the stall….

Yes, it would be a dramatic twist if Datuk Jimmy Choo did not sell his famous crafted shoes as it would require a switch between halal goods to non-halal. The stall sells 6 kinds of deep fried bread with different fillings; pork, cheese,peanut butter, prawn & sambal and forgive my memory and guts as I can’t remember what the last two are and also the number of times taking a picture of the menu with a not-so-good camera phone drew stares from many other patrons of the place.

We tried the pork bread A.K.A roti babi which is really good. The filling is made out of minced pork, cauliflower, carrots and onions which is placed in between of two slices of bread that is coated with flour. It is then deep fried and is either served as take away or dine there. I initially bought it to be eaten later but the curiousity overwhelmed my family and myself.

Neat plastic bag that comes with the logo of the stall. The taste is superb ( being redundant here ) . A serving of roti babi costs RM 2.00. Cheap!!

Datuk Jimmy, I wonder if you could make millions out of roti babi rather than with your shoes….

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Return to Dave’s @ 1 Utama

Posted by Buu on January 10, 2007

My family and I celebrated my birthday there last month since the porky goodness was hard to resist. This time around I ordered a different dish whilst some of my other family members ordered the same stuff. I shall only post pictures of the new stuff.

Our starter was a plate of baked nachos with cheese and ham on them. The middle was filled with salad with salsa sauce and mayo. Combine all of them onto a single nacho chip and you will taste how it is.

Pork Ribs!!! Although in my opinion it was sub par to Tony Roma’s ( a ribs restaurant in Singapore ). The side dishes are getting boring since it is the same for all the pork dishes I had since last time.

Beef lasagna. It was so darn cheesy till I couldn’t taste much of anything else including the beef. Good for cheese lovers.

This dish was an overkill for us because after our main dishes were done, we were still hungry. The portions were disappointingly smaller compared to my previous visit. This is the ham & bacon pizza. Hands down this was the best dish of the whole dinner. The blend of cheese, ham, bacon and basil leaves a wonderful taste in your mouth. Caution though, since we ordered a large pizza it was pricy, RM 40+ to be precise.

Thanks for the good food Dave’s.Till we meet again.

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