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Kenduri & Kim Gary revisited

Posted by Buu on November 22, 2006

Hey ho, back from the land of living and fresh out of the oven a post about a culinary day of malay and hong kong and japanese cuisine. Last sunday I attended a wedding near to me house where the son was got married to the daughter of another family nearby. For those who are not familiar with what kenduri means, it is a community feast to celebrate the matrimonial union of man and a woman following the culture and tradition of the malays.

There were hoards of people there. Lots of people from my neighbourhood gathered there to celebrate the occasion but I think most of them just went for the food like myself hehe. Yes , even if you do not know the hosts, you could still participate in their bliss. This is what I had as they served lunch in a buffet line style:

Yummy malay style fried chicken, dhal curry, beef rendang and nasi briyani. I found the beef rendang to be the best of the lot as it was tender and juicy.

Evening onwards my family and myself ended up at Kim Gary after watching Casino Royale which was highly entertaining. This time we all tried different things

1 2


Following numerical order is the cheesy pork curry rice. I swear it looks like lasagna. The cheese surprisingly melds with the curry taste well. The pork was soft and tender. It also came with potatoes in it.

Next is the typhoon noodles which is basically curry mee but in a diffrent kind of curry soup. The soup is made out from oily cili sauce which reminds me of the cili sauce that comes along with chicken rice. It wasn’t that great in my opinion. The soup was watery and the noodles were just plain noodles.

Lastly is the grilled japanese seafood rice. It comes with a fried egg, grilled unagi, green pea pods, crab sticks , baby octupus and shitake mushrooms. The rice was fragrant and not burnt at all. The unagi and shitake mushrooms i found were the stars of the dish. The unagi was grilled just fine. Oh and this also came with a side of kimchi. I cant wait to try more of their insteresting dishes as fusion cuisine does look interesting.


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Chocolate soup, Edinburgh, Scotland

Posted by Bee on November 14, 2006

P7260028 P7260027
Chocolate soup is the last stop we visited on the morning we left Edinburgh. It is one of the most special cafe style shop that i’d ever visited. First of all, they really serve chocolate SOUP!!! it comes with all sort of different muffins and cookies. I gladly bought a chocolate muffin while Jiavern go for a banana toffee muffin. Each of them cost £2.50. at first i thought that they will gave a chocolaty tasted creamy drinks to resemble chocolate soup for us to dung the muffin or cookies. But it surprise us that they gave us true melted liquified chocolate. Its very rich in taste and was absolutely amazing.

Chloe bought a chocolate desert which called chocolate sandwich. It was consists of a layer of brownies, vanilla ice-cream and a piece of chocolate. thanks to the cold weather, the ice cream wasnt melted easily. Anyway, that was absolutely sinful to tastebud. Hope we can have one in Malaysia next time.
P7260026 P7260029

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Thai Style Mee @ Sri Rampai

Posted by Buu on November 10, 2006

Haven’t been blogging for awhile now as there wasn’t anything special eaten. Recently I ate something new ( to me at least ). It’s called thai style mee :O~~~~ .

Delicious! It’s looks pretty simple to make too. It consists of flat noodles, sesame oil, mince meat, kai lan and chicken feet. I don’t eat chicken feet so I donated it to my friend. It also comes with a bowl of soup. A small plate costs RM 3.00 while the big one costs RM 3.50. It is definately worth it.

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