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Food Foundry @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya

Posted by Buu on September 28, 2006

Food Foundry is a nice little cafe situated in a corner Happy Mansion, Section 17 Petaling Jaya. It is an establishment wholly owned by a local lady that came home from the United States that serves western, italian and local delicacies. The place boasts of its Mille Crepe and has been mentioned before in other another blog called Friedchillies and even mention in the News Straits Times.

I only came to know this place as my colleagues and myself went out for a farewell lunch to one of us who is leaving my company. To my surprise it is only a less than 10 minute drive away from my office in Phileo Damansara. The place sports a cozy cafe with an open air concept. The walls are decorated with pictures of its past patrons. The only thing that did not go well with the environment was the music. A cafe like this in my opinion should have a jazzy or easy listening music but instead it relied on local radio stations.

A quick browse of the menu and I had decided on my dish. I had the Aglio Beef with Mushrooms pasta which out from the choices of spaghetti, angel hair and fettucini, I choose spaghetti. Angel hair apparently is a bombastic name for the same noodles you can find used for cooking Kon Lo Mee. The price of each appetizer never goes beyond RM 15.00.

A few minutes later, the food came.

I found this dish very tasty and the portion was just right. The ingredients of this pasta dish are mushrooms, beef, fresh red chillies, capsicum, dried chillies and onions all fried together in olive oil.

One of my colleagues had the carbonara with turkey ham.

Although I did not taste it, it looks pretty plain from the outlook but my colleague said it tastes great.

During the whole lunch outing I sneaked off to take a snap shot of their cakes.

What caught my attention was the cake at the top left corner cake. That is called Brownie Cheese Cake which goes for RM 7.90 per slice which I find pretty expensive compared to the Caramel Cheese Cake I had at Secret Recipe.

I did not get to try anything else on the menu but it has plenty of choices which includes tapas, nasi lemak, sandwiches and grilled western food. This place deserves a second visit from me :).

Here is the address:

Food Foundry … Your Neighbourhood Food Provider
BG-8, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya

Tel No : +603.7955.3885
Mon-Sun: 11:30am-10:00pm


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Meng Kee Steam Soup stall @ Taman Paramount

Posted by Buu on September 27, 2006

Before I go on with this post , I would like to apologize for the horribly dark photos due to the poor lighting and the non existance of a flash in my camera phone.

Now on with the post. My college friends and I have not met up for a long long time and so we decided to meet up for dinner right after work. After the 4 of us gathered together, we sat down at this roadside stall that had conquered the sidewalk with a small army of plastic chairs and tables. During our chatty evening we browsed the menu.

Like mentioned in the title of this post, the speciality of this hawker stall is soup. They had all kinds of soups including weird ones like pig brain soup , intestine soup, chicken feet soup and many more that doesnt sound appetizing to me. So to spare ourselves from soupy surprises , we ordered good old chicken soup.

It is made out of boiled chicken bones, chinese herbs and nuts for a few hours which tastes pretty good and has a lot of character in comparison to a can of Campbell soup. A bowl of chicken soup costs RM 4.50.

Next up were these two dishes that came at the same time. Salted steam pork and japanese taufu with century egg. The steam pork was alright, tender and smooth tasting without too much salt. The taufu was mediocre but I didn’t really care too much for the century egg.

And here is the star of the night. Asam fish. It was superb. It’s made from er….pardon the lack of fish knowledge, ladies fingers and asam sauce all steamed together. The fish is soft and goes easy on the taste buds. The asam is the secret weapon that makes it taste good.

At the end of our dining experience the bill came up to RM 46.50. I say the price is pretty decent for 4 people. I recommend coming to this place for the fish.

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Curry mee

Posted by Bee on September 26, 2006

It was a fine Tuesday morning when i suddenly felt like wanted to polish my cooking creativity by experimenting on a new dish- curry mee. To be truth, this is not a good try as i dont have all the ingrediants that i needed, for example, the coconut milk, dried tofu, prawn shell and nice spices to enhance the curry flavour. Well, it was quite difficult to get hold of all these ingrediants in UK, hence i have to compromise and try to do my best with the raw material that i have.     

First fry the onion and garlic together until the aroma came out, then add the boiled water, the chicken bones (better if there are prawn shells) , finger chillies (cili padi in malay) , chilli oil (the red color oil and paste),  and malaysia favourite ALI BABAS curry powder. Boil the soup under small fire for 1 hour. Add all the vegetables into the soup (carrots, tomatoes etc) and lastly add some nice hotdogs as well.      


Due to the fact that i dont have the yellow noodles which usually the hawkers made the curry mee with, hence i have to tolerate with the wantan noodles. Boil the noodles until it doesnt taste starchy, add some sesame oil and salt and mixed them together with the curry soup.
the curry mee  EMPTY BOWL

This is the before and after.

well, not bad for the first try, it do tasted a bit hot towards the end. Its too watery and lacks of the creamy flavour of coconut milk, but its a nice lunch and i will do better next time. 

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Commons Kafe @ Phileo Damansara 2, PJ

Posted by Buu on September 21, 2006

This cozy little place serves in my opinion the best deal set lunches near my office.

For RM 6 you get a drink, either coffee/tea/juice with the main meal and a bowl of soup. On that day the lunch of the day was stir fried vegetables and dried chilli chicken with rice.

The set meal hits the spot for lunch. The place also serves sandwiches, noodles, smoothies, ice blended drinks, chicken rice etc. You won’t be dissapointed.

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Mei Sum, Liverpool city centre

Posted by Bee on September 19, 2006

Chinese dish is seen as a very rich and diverse culinary cuisine by the Brits. Even my English colleagues knew terms such as chao mee, chao fan etc. I guess they were popularised by those chinese bufffet restaurants and chinese takeaway shops which grow like mushrooms after rain in liverpool city center.

It was an impromptu decision that my housemates and me decided to go for a chinese meal instead of the common English fastfood after a day of shopping. To be truth, its quite cheap for a buffet style meal in a classy restaurant, with only 5.95 per person before dinner time.

photo 012 The inner decoration

It was quite funny that they even have the proper instruction on how to eat buffet printed on the menu.

1. Try a little to begin with of you are unsure.

2. When happy with your choice return to the buffet (if not happy can just walk out of the restaurant???)

3. EAT as much as you like (of course ler, abuden?).

4. Not waste as much as you like ( wastaige will be charged seperately).

photo 019

When it comes to the range of dish they offered, well, i can’t really say its a highly recommended compare to other chinese buffet restaurant in Liverpool. There are 5 main section of food available, starting from the starchy stuff like fried noodles, beehon, rice, potatoes, spaghetti etc, followed by the fried food such as spring rolls, fried banana (round pisang goreng!), mushroom, bread coated with minced shrimps etc.

photo 024 photo 027

the main dish consists of different range of meats (such as fried chicken wings, char siew, pork ribs, beef) and vege (mixed vege, salad etc ). i like the char siew chicken the most, but nothing special as the taste is quite plain, i get a mouthful of sweet char siew taste with only a bite of the chicken.

photo 026 photo 023

There are three different soups, namely, wan tan soup, spicy and sour soup and chicken and corn soup. They are so stingy with amount of meat inside the wantan and the soup is quite tasteless; the chicken and soup corn taste nothing but the starchy taste of corn flour; The sour and spicy soup was so spicy that my housemate chloe nearly puke it out after she taste it a spoonful.

photo 029

Well this is how much we ate, not really up to the value of what we paid for, plus the customer service is a bit too much, when i just finish my plate, *puff*, and the plate was gone, *puzzled*

photo 028 photo 015

photo 013 photo 017

anyway, if you dont mind the extra lipid that you will get after the meal, this can considered as a nice generous meal.

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