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Economy Rice and Nasi Kandar

Posted by Buu on August 28, 2006

That was what I had for lunch and dinner respectively last Saturday.

I don’t understand why some people would ever think that economy rice is poor man’s food because from the range of what you can choose from the table laden with rows of food trays, it speaks otherwise.

Even my mom couldn’t tell me the proper english name for that vege

Look at what I had for the price of less than RM 4.00. What a hoot! I bought this from a restaurant in Taman Melawati called Restoran HCN. The economy rice business there is owned by the family of Seng Shat Li, a friend of mine. Her family has been doing this for quite awhile now. I used to see her brother travelling on his motorbike to deliver catered food in tiffin carriers in my younger days. I recommend to anyone to dine at the restaurant during lunch hours.

Next is a favourite of mind not only for the taste but for the convienience of distance from my house is from a Indian Muslim(a.k.a mamak) restaurant called Haji Tapah. It is a franchise of mamak food that has spawned in a few neighbourhoods. There is another outlet located across my neighbourhood. This is dish worth RM 4.00. It is filling and tasty ( most of the time though, depending on the chef’s mood) and it’s called Nasi Kandar Ayam.

It comes served with rice, fried chicken ( you could also get curry, kurma, honey or masa merah versions of the chicken for the same price ) and a side order of cabbage salad. Simple, no fuss and fills me up just nicely.

These are the usual things I eat at least once in a week. What about you ?


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