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Feed us,We’re hungry

Carvery Restaurant, Aigburth

Posted by Bee on August 26, 2006

Like i mentioned in the previous post, Brits like to have traditional roast dinner on Sunday. Well, at Carvery, they offer the so called ‘Sunday-feeling’ everyday with generous roast meal with good value (for less than 4 pounds).

Its a half buffet style roast meal, in which the customer can help themself with countless serving of vegetables and potatoes, but exclude the meat (why i didnt feel suprise at all ;p). There are 3 succulent roast to choose: The TENDER prime roast beef, Gammon and turkey Breast. For me, i always choose all of them, dont have to waste my grey matter pondering on such insignificant things. anyway, did i mention that i am a carnivore before?

The meat is alright, cooked throughly, the roast beaf is not so tender though. Thumbs up for the gravies, they put whole onion inside without slicing them at all into the gravies, it looks like a brown sauce, but has a thick onion and salty taste. It taste good with the roast meat.

Next on the list is the side dish, where you can help yourself to as much or as little as you like from range of freshly steamed and roasted vegetables (caulis, carrots, green peas, roast potatoes, steam potatoes) home-cooked Yorkshire puddings and delicious stuffing. There is a wide range of sauce to choose as well, they have brown sauce, mustard sauce and horseradish sauce (yucks). oh, Brits like GREEN PEAS!!! *emphasize* PLAIN steam green peas, with no added artificial taste or sauce, but they just love it, its really a mystery to me.


In case you are trying to find the meat, well, its underneath the mountain high of vegetable and potatoes. Yorkshire pudding is like malaysia-yao char guai. Fried flour stuff which look like a mushroom cup. The stuffing (ball look alike stuff) supossed to be inside the yorkshire pudding though, thats the proper way of eating it.


Me and CS before taking the meal.


This is what i called before and after.


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