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Ceasar’s Palace,Liverpool

Posted by Bee on August 25, 2006

Went to Ceasar’s palace for my birthday dinner months ago, the restaurant was highly recommeded by my housemate, CS. Very classy, stunning food and *emphasize* AFFORDABLE price. Well, its hard to find a classy place to dine out in Liverpool which offer student range price actually. Of course one can get mumbo jumbo size of fish and chips or burgers in any fish & chips take away shop or local pub in a fairly cheap price (3-5 pounds), but for the one with decent atmosphere (a.k.a dim light plus nice-suit-waiters) and champagne-served restaurant, it will cost you a fortune.

Surprisingly, Ceasar’s Palace is a luxurous decorated restaurant with 7-8 pounds meals. It will be more comfortable if its more spacious, but it was acceptable as they have to give priorities to the fountain and greek-style sculptures IN the restaurant.

caesar palace

Lets talk about the food then, the main meal sets are presentable and come with the choice of either jacket potatoes or chips and salad or coleslaw.

photo 046

This is CS traditional Roast chicken, Brits like to have Roast dinner on weekends especially on Sunday. its alright, tasted like oven chicken, a bit too plain, a bit of sauce will taste nicer.

photo 045

This is Jia’s Kiev chicken, breast chicken coated with garlic butter and breadcrumb. again, its quite dried but they are certainly generous with the side dish portion.

photo 042

This is Chloe’s Polio Alla Parmigiana, sounds sophisticated but its actually chicken breast with flour breaded, top with Mozzarella cheeseand spicy tomato saurce. Anyway, it tasted like pizza. Compliments to baked potato!it was really soft and rich in flavour, yummy….

photo 043

And last but not least, my BBQ pork ribssssssssss….. Gosh its excellent! the pork rib which melted in the BBQ sauce tasted heavenly in my mouth. The portion was so massively bulky that i can even shared with the gals, remind you, this is quite a rare thing for a carnivores like me to do.

Anyway, we did enjoyed ourselves very very much. Afterwards, we head off for a cuppa at Witherspoon just to chill out. i have a big cup of hot chocolate *satisfactory sigh*, what a good way to end a feisty night like this.

photo 062


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