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Merdeka Eve’s food fest @ Restoran TaLiPon

Posted by Buu on August 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Malaysia! For those who do not know the 31st of August is Malaysia’s Independence day. Me and the kokkers gang went out for dinner on the eve to a steamboat and BBQ buffet serving restaurant called Restoran Talipon. It is a franchise and I have so far seen one in Cheras, Kelana Jaya and the one that we went to, Air Panas , Setapak.

This place is a haven for those who would like to engorge themselves with assortments of food. It ranges from marinated meat (chicken, beef , pork and fish) , to seafood (crabs, squid, prawns, cockles etc) to noodles to vegetables. If its noodles you are looking for, do boil them as the last thing you eat because by then the chicken stock would have been mixed with the essence of everything you have boiled in there previously.

The foods are stocked up in freezers next to the cashier’s counter. Here are the precooked er…. balls section. Here we have crabsticks, fish balls, sotong balls and baby corns,

,marinated meat for the bbq!

, next is the noodles counter which choices of yellow noodles, vermicelli and kuey teow. where you can even take eggs to fry on the bbq plate. To the right of the picture below the egg tray, you can see small trays of butter which initially i thought was some kind of cake.

After picking the food, it is then time to sacrifice it all into the mighty pot for cooking!

After eating all of that , there were also deserts consisting of fruits, cakes and ice cream

Too bad there were not many choices for ice cream. It was either vanilla or chocolate which can be piled on ice cream cones.

For the price of RM 19, this makes the buffet cheap. I found the food to be so-so therefore I give it a 2 thumbs up. I overloaded myself with bbqed meats which left a salty aftertaste in my mouth. For the environment though because I was with a large group of friends, I give it a 2 thumbs and 2 big toes up.

Here is a photo of the group. Starting from the leftside to the right we have Gan, Charlene, Kenneth,Gabriel, Elizabeth which is to the left of Puspa, Belinda, Lim which is hidden behind Chua’s head.


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Change of layout

Posted by Buu on August 30, 2006

We decided to change the layout of the blog because unfortunately for the banana smoothie layout, it does not work well for Internet Explorer. It looks horrible in fact. Therefore we opted for this one that works well for Internet Explorer(sucks) and other browsers like Mozilla or Opera.

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Economy Rice and Nasi Kandar

Posted by Buu on August 28, 2006

That was what I had for lunch and dinner respectively last Saturday.

I don’t understand why some people would ever think that economy rice is poor man’s food because from the range of what you can choose from the table laden with rows of food trays, it speaks otherwise.

Even my mom couldn’t tell me the proper english name for that vege

Look at what I had for the price of less than RM 4.00. What a hoot! I bought this from a restaurant in Taman Melawati called Restoran HCN. The economy rice business there is owned by the family of Seng Shat Li, a friend of mine. Her family has been doing this for quite awhile now. I used to see her brother travelling on his motorbike to deliver catered food in tiffin carriers in my younger days. I recommend to anyone to dine at the restaurant during lunch hours.

Next is a favourite of mind not only for the taste but for the convienience of distance from my house is from a Indian Muslim(a.k.a mamak) restaurant called Haji Tapah. It is a franchise of mamak food that has spawned in a few neighbourhoods. There is another outlet located across my neighbourhood. This is dish worth RM 4.00. It is filling and tasty ( most of the time though, depending on the chef’s mood) and it’s called Nasi Kandar Ayam.

It comes served with rice, fried chicken ( you could also get curry, kurma, honey or masa merah versions of the chicken for the same price ) and a side order of cabbage salad. Simple, no fuss and fills me up just nicely.

These are the usual things I eat at least once in a week. What about you ?

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Carvery Restaurant, Aigburth

Posted by Bee on August 26, 2006

Like i mentioned in the previous post, Brits like to have traditional roast dinner on Sunday. Well, at Carvery, they offer the so called ‘Sunday-feeling’ everyday with generous roast meal with good value (for less than 4 pounds).

Its a half buffet style roast meal, in which the customer can help themself with countless serving of vegetables and potatoes, but exclude the meat (why i didnt feel suprise at all ;p). There are 3 succulent roast to choose: The TENDER prime roast beef, Gammon and turkey Breast. For me, i always choose all of them, dont have to waste my grey matter pondering on such insignificant things. anyway, did i mention that i am a carnivore before?

The meat is alright, cooked throughly, the roast beaf is not so tender though. Thumbs up for the gravies, they put whole onion inside without slicing them at all into the gravies, it looks like a brown sauce, but has a thick onion and salty taste. It taste good with the roast meat.

Next on the list is the side dish, where you can help yourself to as much or as little as you like from range of freshly steamed and roasted vegetables (caulis, carrots, green peas, roast potatoes, steam potatoes) home-cooked Yorkshire puddings and delicious stuffing. There is a wide range of sauce to choose as well, they have brown sauce, mustard sauce and horseradish sauce (yucks). oh, Brits like GREEN PEAS!!! *emphasize* PLAIN steam green peas, with no added artificial taste or sauce, but they just love it, its really a mystery to me.


In case you are trying to find the meat, well, its underneath the mountain high of vegetable and potatoes. Yorkshire pudding is like malaysia-yao char guai. Fried flour stuff which look like a mushroom cup. The stuffing (ball look alike stuff) supossed to be inside the yorkshire pudding though, thats the proper way of eating it.


Me and CS before taking the meal.


This is what i called before and after.

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3A Hand Made Yong Taufu @ Section 19 Petaling Jaya

Posted by Buu on August 26, 2006

Funny name for a place.The place was jam packed during lunch hour. My colleagues and I were there to celebrate the last day of an industrial trainee that was with us for the past 3 months on Friday. We ate a variety of foods there but I could only take pictures of a few as I did not want to appear rude to my colleagues. First we started with:

Chee cheong fun with black sauce

chee cheong fun with black kicap


Curry chee cheong fun

curry chee cheong fun

The chee cheong fun is really good compared to the others I have tasted. Soft and smooth texture. Both of them came with sprinkles of fried onions on them. I prefer the curry to the black sauce version. The next thing that came was:

Fried yummies

This is an assortment of fried stuff consisting of wantan balls, foo chook and sui kow. All of these are fish stuffed goodies that are coated/wrapped with flour and deep fried to crispyness. For this dish, there was nothing stunning about it. It tasted pretty much the same as any other yong tau fu place I have been to. This dish actually came (no pictures of it) with a bowl of soup that had stuffed taufu, stuffed red chilli, stuffed lady’s fingers and some odd looking thing that is actually a long bean curled up into a ball coated with fish meat that looked like a yoyo in it. Nothing stunning either.

For desert we all drank bowls of cooling drinks made out of either, pumpkin or barley with gingko fruit. I took the latter because the pumpkin one looked lumpy and not appetizing.

The gingko kind of made this desert taste too thick for my liking. It did not have any barley taste to me at all.It just tasted like tasteless thick mushroom soup. Its an acquired taste because my colleagues were drinking theirs down like they were dehydrated.

We split the bill which came to RM 8 per person. Average price. If you want to try this place, just aim for the chee cheong fun. I give the lunch a 2 toes up.

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